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Let us take care of it!

Cooperation with Amber Hair Clinic will help you forget about all travel related worries. We will pick you up from the location of your arrival and transport you to the hotel. The package, along with the hair transplant procedure itself, includes:

  • stay at a hotel, at our expense
  • delightful food and attentive care
  • transport from the hotel to the clinic – and back – throughout the entire treatment period.

All of the events during your stay will be under the constant and thourough supervision of our conlutants. We will do our best to leave you with wonderful memories of our beautiful seaside.

Schedule of your stay in Gdańsk

You will stay under our care for 3 days. Your treatment will take place the day after your arrival. Below is a short summary schedule of what your stay will look like.

Day one - your arrival

On that day, the only thing you'll have to take care of is your arrival in Gdańsk, at what time you decide to arrive is entirely up to you. Our driver will pick you up from the airport or train station and drive you straight to the hotel. Our consultant will make sure to contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.

Day two - treatment

Our consultant will take you to the clinic where the procedure will take place. Basic tests will need to be performed, followed by a consultation with our doctor. Our consultant will accompany you throughout both the conversation and the procedure. During the treatment itself, a short break for a meal will be provided, you will have a chance to choose whatever you fancy.

Day three - post treatment check

You will undergo a post-treatment check-up the next morning, after which we will provide you with a set of specialized cosmetics, medications and information related to the proper care of your scalp. On this day, you will return to your city or country. Our driver will take you straight to the airport or train station.

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