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What does FUE hair transplantation mean?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair grafting method has grown in popularity over the past decade. Contrary to the classic FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the grafts are being extracted and implanted individually, wihtout removing a strip of the skin. As a result, FUE leaves no visible scars and guarantees natural looking results.


During the FUE hair transplant, the surgeon uses an extracting micromotor device. The sizes of micromotor needles are between 05 and 07 mm. They penetrate the scalp by rotating which protects follicles and prevents them from getting damaged, the extracted grafts are then stored in a special solution. After that step is complete, the channels for the extracted grafts are opened with a Sapphire Blade. The grafts are then removed from the solution and implanted into the recipient area with a use of micro-blades and fine needles.

The first effects of the treatment are visible after 6 months, while full hair regrowth can be expected about 12 months after the treatment.

The stages of FUE transplantation

The whole process consists of 3 main stages. Operations are completed within 1 day and usually last from 8 to 13 hours. A break to use a bathroom as well as a break for a meal will usually be provided right after the second stage. First of all dr Erkam Caymaz’s team will go through a personalized consultation with you and draw your new hairline with a help of a specialized laser tool before the treatment. Then singular follicles will be extracted followed by opening of the canals in the recipent area. The amont of time varies depending on the number of grafts required.

1. Grafts are being collected from donor areas (2-4 hours).

2. Dr Caymaz’s team opens microchannels in the recipient area with a sapphire blade (1-2.5 hours).

3. Grafts are being implanted into newly opened microchannels (3-5 hours).

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