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We approach each client individually, hence determining the standard price of our treatments is extremely difficult.

One graft may contain from 1 up to even 3 hair follicles. It all depends on the number of grafts that will need to be extracted from the donor area.

You can find a list of single graft prices below (FUE method):


(e.g., hair curves, receding hairline)

500 grafts12,50 zł / 1 graft
250 grafts20,00 zł / 1 graft
100 grafts40,00 zł / 1 graft

(e.g. hair curves, transplantation of the top of the head)

2.500 grafts10,50 zł / 1 graft
2.000 grafts11,00 zł / 1 graft
1.500 grafts11,50 zł / 1 graft
1.000 grafts12,00 zł / 1 graft

(e.g.  whole head)

4.000 grafts8,00 zł / 1 graft
3.000 grafts9,00 zł / 1 graft

All the detailed information about the price and the number of grafts required for the procedure will be provided after the first consultation with our qualified specialist.

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