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Eyebrow transplant

There are several reasons due to which eyebrow loss can occur. Some of the most common ones are:
– Removing eyebrows from the same area for a long time.
– Chemotherapy.
– Certain skin diseases or permanent makeup.
Regardless of the reason, you can regain your natural looking eyebrows.

Among all the hair transplant procedures, the FUE eyebrow transplantation requires the most attention, diligence and care. Much emphasis is placed on a realistic looking result. The angle and curvature of the transplanted grafts should be natural just as well as designed shapes of the eyebrows, which requires a great amount of precision from the performing specialist.

Who is a transplant candidate?

People who have partial or full loss of eyebrows are suitable candidates for this procedure. First results can be expected after approximately 3 months, and the final results 6-8 months after the procedure.

Stages of the procedure


The eyebrow shape and apperance are dicussed during the consultation.


FUE eyebrow transplant procedure is performed under simple local anesthesia. The grafts are being extracted one by one, using the thinnest stamps with a micromotor extractor. Single grafts are then carefully transplanted into the recipient area. The entire procedure takes 2-3 hours.


The day after surgery, our patients go through a cleansing and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment.

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