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Beard transplant

Beard and mustache transplantation is the best solution in the event of hair loss caused by hormonal changes – like testosterone. It’s perfect for men who want an intense and even-looking beard or mustache.

Our patients experience the same quality of the FUE method with a beard transplant just as well as with a hair transplant. Using the FUE method, hair grafts are taken from the back of the head between two ears individually and transplanted into the recipient area.

All the transplantations are performed under local anesthesia, the procedure is not painfull, no stiches are used and no scars are left on the scalp.

Who is a suitable candidate for the transplantation?

Men who want an intense and even-looking beard or mustache can opt for a beard transplant in our clinic. People who suffer from uneven beard hair loss, but have enough hair to collect are also suitable candidates for a beard transplant.



During the consultation, our doctors take into account both the approximate needed amount of grafts in the recipient area as well as the number of grafts that can be extracted from the donor area.


Performing doctors will have to pay a tremendous amount of attention to the direction in which hair on the chin grows, and will match the transplanted hair as best as they can for natural looking results. The grafts will be taken from the area between the two ears at the back of the neck and will be implanted one each follicle individually with the FUE method.


The day after surgery, our patients go through a cleansing and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment.

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